This article was written by Daniel Douglas-Gabrielle for the Washington Post. Hillary Clinton, as part of her 2016 presidential campaign, presented an optimistic education plan that would eliminate tuition costs at public universities for households earning up to $125,000. This proposition would re-institute Ronald Reagan-era cuts on itemized tax deductions for high-income families. (Douglas-Gabrielle) The $450 billion education plan, dubbed the New College Impact, would have offered thousands of families across the country the opportunity for their child to receive a higher education. Another political figure that was a proponent of tuition and debt free college was Bernie Sanders. Sanders introduced his College For All Act which mirrored Clinton’s New College Impact education plan. It too aimed to eliminate tuition and fees at public four-year universities for students from families that make up to $125,000 per year (Zornick). The act would require the government to pay 67% of tuition fees while the other third will be covered by by state and tribal governments. Both of the education plans introduced by Clinton and Sanders received many sponsors and drove their 2016 presidential campaigns.

While discussing how the German government has implemented “free” college education, I will present this information to show the attempts/propositions of the U.S. government to offer the same opportunity.