This article was written by Abby Jackson, a member of Business Insider’s education team, and can be found on the Business Insider website in their Education section. Jackson postulates that yes, debt-free college is great and all but one must understand the financial/economic technicalities that make it possible. “Tax payers absorb that cost”, explains Jackson as she provides extensive research on the differing taxes among large nations which can sustain “free” college education even for incoming foreign students. Jackson also points out the drastic difference in the amount of college (referred to as tertiary school) attendees in different countries. For example, United States and Finland are tied at the top with 94% enrollment whereas Germany, a country that does offer debt-free college, has an enrollment rate of only 62%.

Information from this article, as well as the article referred to in my first research post, will be cited when I explain in more detail the debt-free college plan in Germany.