This article was written by Franz Strasser, a reporter and video journalist with BBC News in Washington, D.C. Strasser describes the stark contrast between the cost of college education in the U.S. and that of Germany. Germany is a notorious leader in debt-free college education – open to both German and international students alike – and many U.S. students are taking advantage of this incredible opportunity. Strasser provides valuable statistics including: the current amount of enrolled American students in German institutions, the various small fees of German universities, how much Germany spends on foreign students, the total student debt in the U.S. and other statistics that really lend you a perspective of what it would be like to get a college degree abroad (or in this case at least Germany). The article also briefly documents the stories of 3 American students who chose to pursue a college education in Germany.

My individual topic is to investigate the breakdown of George Mason University’s tuition. I am also fascinated with the tuition structure of other universities both locally and globally. This BBC article along with the Business Insider article (Research Post 2) will serve as research for my reporting on an international college ‘s tuition in comparison to ours.